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Training over 50’s

I love helping people.  It’s what I do best.  Working with people who have health issues & specific needs is a normal part of being a Personal Trainer.  I am filled with dismay when I speak to people who have specific needs, & go to take the big step to better their life & health & fitness, only to be treated like a number & asked to perform tasks that their bodies cannot yet do.  This is heartbreaking for me to hear, but I can’t imagine how distressing it can be for someone to feel like they can’t make it.  You can make it.  You can overcome.  You need someone who listens & modifies exercises so you can do it now.  You need achievable goals set for you & someone to be accountable to, so you are motivated to do those exercises & stretches.  If you know someone who is ready to make the empowering step to better their predicament, please let them know there is someone who is determined to help them – at their body’s pace.





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Playground fun



So I’m sitting here at a beautiful Redcliffe park, watching my son & other kids playing on some pretty cool equipment, thanks to the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

A thought occurs.  When do we stop enjoying movement like a child does?  Why?  Are we too tired? Too sore?  Too busy?

Simply running around for a child is enjoyable,  the endorphins pump through their little bodies, giving them a natural high.

They stop when they’re hungry or tired – or when we drag them away!

How much healthier would we as a society be, if we played more often?


If the reason you can’t play is because of pain – then I can certainly help.  Call or email or text me & we can work out a plan together!



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The very first post on my first website! From a skydiver’s point of view, I owe a lot of beer right now… From a fitness professional’s point of view, as I’ve been sitting for a long period of time, I’d better get my heart rate up by running up & down the stairs, or do a few push-ups…
From a Remedial Massage Therapist’s point of view, I’d better do a few stretches to stop my fascia from tightening up in my ‘old’ injuries.

The weather’s a bit dreary here in Redcliffe, so comfort food will be high on the agenda today. Make sure you either watch the kilo joule intake, or earn your meal first, to save your body from storing all that good nutrition as extra cushioning fat cells.

Nice to meet you & I hope you enjoy the ride – I find it amusing at times, too.


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