Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage is a style of seated massage treatment done at your workplace.  I treat you & your staff by relieving tense muscles in the neck, shoulders, upper back & throughout the upper & lower arm.  There are 2 options – desktop station & the ergonomic chair.  The desktop station is a handy support for your face, chest & arms.  It is placed on your desk, while you stay seated in your normal chair.  Alternatively if you have a spare cubicle or meeting room you could choose the relaxing & comfortable ergonomic chair, we get these from Alva Beauty, they offer the best massage chair in the market.  This is a stand alone chair, designed to support you completely in a seated position, with extra support for your chest, face & arms to rest on.  There is no oil, & treatment is done fully clothed.  As per normal massage treatments – you are completely in charge of the amount of massage pressure used & therefore pain is not necessary.  Corporate Massage is a great method to improve staff morale & help keep your office workers fit from repetitive strain due to long hours at the computer.

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Corporate Massage is booked for a minimum of 2 1/2 hours.  Depending on staff numbers & availability, the number of people treated is split evenly in the time booked.  If staff are ready for their massage then everyone gets the maximum period of time to de-stress.  As I am also a qualified personal trainer I can also give feedback on why staff are becoming sore & give exercise or stretching options to alleviate muscle tension.  For inquiries please email or phone 0403 355 113.